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  03/09/2011: Regalia: "Lazio can repeat last season and maybe more !"
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Carlo Regalia, former biancoceleste Sporting director, spoke exclusively about Lazio's mercato this summer to Radio Six. Igle Tare's predecessor, believes that despite losing Zarate, Lazio have a team that can repeat last year's achievements.

"Milan are the title favorites, but Napoli and Lazio the two teams who surprised everyone last season, can repeat what they did if not even improve their position in the standings" said Regalia to Radio Six.

Then Regalia continued: "If Lazio are convinced that they can repeat last season, they will even do better. It is true that that they lost a great player in Zarate, but when something breaks between a player and a coach, it is better to put an end to those situations by separation."

Bringing up the Zarate situation, Regalia was asked if the absence of Zarate from Lazio will weaken the biancoceleste, but Regalia does not think so.

"In my opinion, Reja tried to understand Zarate but in the end things did not work out and the player had to be sacrificed. Lazio still has a strong attack. I don't think the team will face problems in their forward line, they have players with international experience and they are not that old, they are just old enough to do well." said Regalia.

Then Regalia was asked about the increasing average age of the squad: "It is not a big problem, at least not this season. When you will have to replace 1 or 2 playuers who arrived at the age of 31-32, it is not a big problem. But they are 6 or 7 players then yes you do have a problem."

Asked to compare between Roma and Lazio, Regalia said: "Lazio have proven themselves last season, while Roma have renewed their whole squad. Maybe with patience Roma can be back to fight for the scudetto. But Lazio already has a built structure with experienced players. I cannot say who is stronger."

Finally a thought about Igle Tare, Regalia's successor at Lazio: "He is a serious person, looking at it from outside it seems that Lotito handles the transfers (laughs). But they worked well despite all the attacks from some of the supporters and the press. We have to remember that Lazio last season simply missed the champions league on goal difference only."

Carlo Regalia was the sporting director of Lazio from 1987 till 1992 with 1987 being in Serie B, then with 4 years at the top flight in Serie A. 

(Mahyar Yahfoufi)

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