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  04/09/2011: Hernanes: We have a competitive team
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In an interview with Brazilian sports channel R7 Esporte, Hernanes spoke about the players strike in Italy, his possible return to the Brazilian national side and his changed role since he arrived at Lazio.

R7 - What is your involvement in the players strike in Italy?
I have no participation in it. But it affected my work because I wanted to start playing. We were training for almost two months and were prepared to play. But the strike ruined it. Next Friday we'll play our first game.

R7 - Can you say that athletes are more united Europe?
It seems so, but I don't have much knowledge about the players union. I understand that the organisation is not only about football and is very strong. The unions here are very active.

R7 - You said that you want to return to the national team. How do you imagine your return?
I'm very calm and confident. I think this will be a good, positive year. I'm motivated, concentrated and we'll have to wait and see whether I'll return to national team or not.

R7 - You played as an attacking midfielder last season. How do you adapted to a changed role?
I had to learn and change some of my offensive techniques. Before, my task was to get the ball deep in the pitch and create from there. I had to change it. Now, I have get the ball up front more often and play it there. I had to start like that.

R7 - And now you have scored more goals than previously...
Every season I have some personal targets and scoring more goals was one of them. I was very happy that I scored many goals last season. Now I want even more this year.

R7 - What do you think about this season's Lazio? Do you think you can have a shot at the title?
We have a competitive team. The players are helping each other. But I won't make any predictions, I'll only say that we're competitive and try to prove that on the pitch.

R7 - Did you had any conversations with Mano Menezes after your red card against France?
Yes, we communicated and Mano said that my exclusion from national team has nothing to do with that red card. There are other reasons.

R7 - Do you follow the national team?
Yes, through the internet. I always check the results.

R7 - What do you think about the current Sao Paolo team?
The team is good. I hope they can fight for the title till the very end. Corinthians, Flamengo and Sao Paolo are very strong teams. I hope that my former team will be champions, they have a chance to do that.

R7 - Would you like to go back to Sao Paolo one day?
Actually, I have two goals for now. First is get better as a player and help Lazio. And second is to play in the 2014 World Cup. These are my dreams now and at the moment, I don't think about returning to Sao Paolo.

(Paulius Viluckas)
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