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  06/09/2011: Favalli thinks Milan has more class
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Beppe Favalli gave an interview to the Il messaggero about the start of the championship:

“It is a real challenge to return to play after the strike and all the controversies. I predict a special race both for the value of the players and because it is the day, that the season opens and teams will show their worth”.

The champions Milan against an ambitious Lazio:

“I still see the Rossoneri stronger, because of the high professional level, experience and class of some players, which can shift the balance in a game. But Lazio is a very dangerous opponent for the Rossoneri, they can make the surprise”.

Lazio will challenge the negative tradition:

“The game is open and there is no certain prediction. The physical condition of the teams will have the decisive effect. I really like the team Reja has now – reinforced in every aspect, with players from an international level. I see a team with greater personality, experience and offensive force, in a position to gamble a little bit at San Siro, despite the risks this match brings”.

Which are the players that can trouble AC Milan:

“Surely Klose and Cisse. They have the technical qualities and the sense of scoring, attackers used to play on high international level. They will debut in Seria A, so they will want to show, that they are first class forwards, as well as good signings”.

The Laziali dream of a big night at San Siro for 22 years:

“I think there are opportunities to break the taboo”.

The signings of Klose and Cisse brought back enthusiasm among the fans, before the painful departure of Zarate. Are they ready for the top:

“Maybe not yet for the Scudetto, but will finish in the top three and will go into the Champions League.”

How do you assess the departure of Zarate:

“On a technical level it’s a major loss, because there are few players with his talent and skills. But maybe he has done something in the locker room, something I don’t know about, and that led to his transfer”.

What season do you expect from the Argentinian:

“At Inter he will be able to redeem himself. There he will find a new environment and stimuli to show his worth”.

How do you feel seeing Nesta on the field, having played together for many years:

“In the Lazio defender I met an unique player, one of the best in the history of Italian football, as well as an amazing guy. At Milan I found him improved in terms of thinking. Alesasndro is an example that, despite the physical problems he had in recent years he always manages to be competitive at the highest levels. For him it will be a very special game”.

What is your fondest memory of the 12 years in Lazio:

“I went to Lazio very young. In 1992 I became an important player, I grew up, I won. The memories are many. The debut at the Olimpico, the Scudetto, the first game with the captains’ armband. But I choose the day I returned to Olimpico with the Inter shirt. The entire stadium applauded me. An unique experience, moment you never forget. I still want to thank all the Laziali, who I’m very fond of”.

After a long absence you have settled in Rome:

“I immediately felt comfortable and therefore I chose Rome for a residence. Being linked with Milan also I go to the Olimpico whenever I can”.

What is Favalli’s future:

“In October I’ll start trainers’ course. I would like to stay in the game”.

(Georgi Angelov)
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