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  11/09/2011: Giannichedda is next to rate Lazio highly
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Giuliano Giannichedda spoke to Radio six about the first game of the season Milan-Lazio. The former Biancocelesti man is very pleased with the team’s performance: “With the new signings Lazio have added personality to the squad”. But Lazio failed to secure the victory ending 2:2. “It is the first game of the season, against the current champion is a great stimulus. Then to go from 2:0 to 2:2 it is clear that some fear takes over the players. The lack of freshness in the players has been felt, but it is normal, also Milan suffered in the end. For the people watching the game it was an entertaining evening” – added Giannichedda. “All the media said that the great Milan failed last night (e.g. Friday) to win, but they are wrong. The Rossoneri, excluding Aquilani, are the same team from last year. While Lazio has changed a lot. There were no problems for them. Especially the first half was very good for Lazio with the high defense they played. Biava and Dias were great. The midfield was working well. It is clear when playing every three days the fatigue will come and if you don’t have the right replacements you risk very much. The coach will surely know how to deal with this problem. Although it is hard to talk about new arrivals in the team, when there are already many players. And it is better not to create problems in the dressing room and put the coach in the best conditions to work”. Then the former Lazio midfielder continued on Cisse and Klose: “Lazio have realized that with two players like Cisse and Klose they can fight for the first three spots. In the players` heads there must be awareness of that. For example Mauri is not afraid to attack, Hernanes, Brocchi and Ledesma run a lot and are doing this with the knowledge they are doing it for a reason. I’m surprised about Cisse. I knew he was a good player, but after two years in Greece I was curious to see him play. Klose played better in my opinion”. Then Giannichedda continued: “The coach is critical for a team, but then the players are that enter the pitch. For what I feel Reja is very hard with the players. It is up to the players to change their mentality and understand, that with the new purchases, they can do well. This personality is what was missing last year in the final matches”.

Yesterday Lazio’s primavera managed a win against Palermo. The hosts from Palermo opened the score, but with a goal from Ceccarelli and a brace from Rozzi Lazio quickly gained a good lead. Vassallo returned one to make the score 2:3, but Ceccarelli with his second and a late goal from Clifone the young eagles secured a fine 2:5 win.

(Georgi Angelov)

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