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  14/09/2011: Adailton: "Lazio can reach the final"
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Brazilian veteran Adailton, whose name is familiar to many Serie fans will turn out against Lazio in thursday evening for his latest club, FC Valsui. In an interview with Radio Sei, he gave his opinion on the game, beginning with the lowdown on the Romanian side.

"We will have three players missing from our group against lazio due to injury. We have climbed the standings in the championship having intially got off to a bad start thanks to our injury crisis. We have a very strong player in Lucian Sanmartean and we also have Wesley, who has played in Portugal and Spain; a midfield maestro who can score a lot of goals."

"We are the outsiders and nobody will give us a chance. We aim to pick up points and make the most of our home games, especially against FC Zurich. It is difficult to compete with Lazio and Sporting Lisbon who have made many important buys for this campaign. This is the first international experience for many of our boys so we will try our very best."

Adailton keenly watched Lazio take on Milan at the weekend:

"I was surprised by them at the San Siro, they displayed great personality. It is amazing how much Mr. Reja has grown with Lazio."

The centre-forward seems happy to not be a defender against Lazio as he focuses on the strength of Lazio's attack.

"The new attack makes a difference. Rocchi and Cisse (the duo expected to start against Vaslui) strike fear in me. They are great attackers who have depth in their play; Cisse has strength and speed while Rocchi gives defenders difficulties with his movement. We must get to their midfield and block the service to those two."

Another topic of conversation was Hernanes, whose inconsistency has now been identified as a problem following a very timid performance at the San Siro. Adailton commented on the situation:

"In my opinion, he must move more and get into the game more often. A lot of players in the Brazilian championship go absent from games, even if they have great quality. This cannot be allowed in Serie A."

Finally, Adailton tipped Lazio to go the distance in the Europa League.

"Lazio can reach the final; I don't think there are any teams better than Lazio, perhaps only on the same level. You have to be on form in Europe though, even with the better team, there is always a chance of losing."

That is what Lazio will be hoping to avoid tomorrow night.

(Cathal Mullan)
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