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  18/09/2011: Lazio - Genoa: Post Match Comments
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Coach Edy Reja and Cristian Brocchi spoke to the media following a disappointing defeat in the first home game of the season.

Edy Reja who was booed by the fans following the defeat blamed the loss on the lack of fluidity between the defense and the midfield, pointing at Lulic's defensive mistakes.

"We were tired after the Europa League game, besides we did not finish some of our chances, this all added up to cause the loss." said a disappointed Reja to Sky Sports.

"Our defense and midfield must learn to work together. Lulic was late in holding the line for the first goal and he was quick to leave his position for Palacio in the second. But the problem is also that the midfield must help the defense, we need to work on this." said Reja.

When asked about the boos from the fans, Reja seemed very annoyed: "I am tired of this situation, the president knows this very well. The fans do nothing but criticize all the time. I try to look ahead but it is very tiring to work in this situation."

Cristian Brocchi also spoke to Sky and asked everyone for calm as this is the second game of the season:

"As many of our games, we could not finish a match that was in our hands. Fortunately this is the second game of the season, and there is plenty of time to correct things. We played well at many times during the game and were able to reach Frey's goal but could not make it 2-0. Then Genoa has two chances and they score and leave us with a defeat that hurts. If we are to achieve something this season, we cannot keep losing such games."

Brocchi also shared Reja's thoughts on the midfield helping out the defense:
"The problem is that when our midfield helps the attack we attack with strength, but then our defense suffers. Obviously we are not perfect or else I would not be here talking about this."

Brocchi was asked about the fans reaction: "It is normal when a team has big ambitions and fails to win, the fans will be disgruntled. But again we can work to improve and it is still early in the season."

Brocchi was asked about the reasons of the defeat: "We cannot blame the heat can we ? We made mistakes, obviously the midfield must help the defense or else we will suffer, but again. If we don't help at the front the attack will suffer. We cannot only blame the defense, this is a team game and the whole team must work for the win. Today we made mistakes that led to two goals, just like what happened against Vaslui and Milan. We must improve."

(Mahyar Yahfoufi)
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