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  02/10/2011: Reja: What a spirit from Lazio
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Edy Reja begins to see Lazio he spoke about in the beginning of July. Despite the difficult task at Artemio Franchi, especially after the tough game against Sporting in the League Europe, the team has responded “with personality and character”, proving to be able to play important and high ranked games. The Cerci goal in the 8th minute can cut the legs of any team, but Lazio showed a cool Biancoceleste character, turning the game around and taking home three vital points. “It is a victory of a team with character and personality. Especially in the second half when the energy was gone. Also you must consider it was hot and it was not easy to keep high pace after a tough game with Sporting. The same goes for Fiorentina – we had a tough game” – said Reja after the game for Lazio showed improvement in defensive plan also, although in some occasions the Biancoceleste have to thank their keeper Marchetti. “Our keeper was busy, but on the defensive aspect we did very well except a few times in the second half. It must be stressed that Boruc also made some great saves on Dias and Hernanes so we had our chances also. The key to success? Ball possession. After the entry of Matuzalem we managed the ball well. We passed the ball well to compensate for the physical decline of form. We struggled in the second half and we needed a player with good technique and balance” –added the coach.

Having praised Marchetti and Matuzalem Reja continued with the good words for three other players. “Brocchi was extraordinary with his sacrifice and abnegation. Covered the left when others went forward and ran on every area of the field. Unfortunately I have to have in mind his age. Hopefully he can remain with the same attitude until the end of the season. Hernanes? Today he played well and also scored a goal. In other matches he played well, but showed difficulty in finding the rhythm of the team. On other hand we can’t expect him always to win the game. We have to wait. He is physically well, because he has twice as fewer games then last year. Now with the goal we hope he will be reassured even from a psychological point of view and now also he has games with the Brazilian National Team that will take him further”. And the inevitable to Klose, a striker the Lazio fans have been dreaming of for over 10 years: “He’s amazing. I had already decided to take him in January, but we didn’t. The team had the potential to purchase him, but couldn’t close the deal. If he had arrived back then the technical level would have been higher.”

Reja said that Klose has a role in his staying at the team, but stresses out he has a good relation with all players. “Not only he asked me to stay. A dozen players representing the team have asked me to stay with them. And I also want to emphasize that there is also a good relation with Garrido and Scaloni, who may not have place in the team at this time. It is clear that every coach makes his choices, but this does not affect the human aspect”. In short – the mood is good; the three points are a good medicine for the next day of the championship, which sees them face city rivals Roma. “We are growing. We showed it today and in previous performances. We are finding the best condition, also from a psychological point of view. Roma’s also doing well after two consecutive wins. But I hope the fans of Lazio have more fun than those of Roma” – concluded Reja.

(Georgi Angelov)

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