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  01/09/2010: Singapore Lazio Supporters meets the Ambassador
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Two weeks ago in Singapore, a group of Lazio supporters had the pleasure to meet the Italian ambassador Mr. Felicani in his office at the Italian Embassy. A special meeting with a real gentleman full of lazialitá and incredible surprises.

Three laziali(Nigel, Darran and Stefano) from the “Singapore Lazio Supporters Group” and first meet the ambassador at an Italian restaurant during the World Cup. They all started talking and soon it was clear that also the ambassador was a laziale and that Mr. Felicani had a special story to tell.
In the middle of August the three laziali came to his office for a meeting they never will forget.

Mr. Felicani welcomed the laziali and was described by the friends as “handsome, very humble, extremely friendly as well as very knowledgeable and passionate about la Lazio”.

Mr. Felicani gathered the friends around his desk and took out his father’s old photo album. The friends became excited and almost lost their breath as Mr. Felicani proudly showed photo after photo of his father. There were photos of Renzo Felicani as a young man in the Lazio shirt, in the military uniform when serving as an artillery officer during the war and photos of him when he returned and played for Lazio after the war. Especially one photo got the friends attention: A photo of all the players and their signatures at it. One of the signatures belonged to Silvio Piola, the greatest striker of all in the history of il calcio. It is also worth mentioning that Renzo Felicani had an uncle, Pietro Felicani, a striker who used to play for Lazio in the early years of the club.

Mr. Felicani expressed that he wanted to become a member of the “Singapore Lazio Supporters Group” and he gave the friends a special present: A Lazioshirt from the 1930’s seasons! In return he received a Lazio scarf with text written in Chinese, a scarf that was made by the fans before the SuperCoppa Italia final in Beijing. The ambassador also received and was impressed by the articles from Corriere dello Sport after’s “message invasion” during its “Save la Lazio” campaign.  

This story is not only a story of true Lazio passion. It is a story of three young laziali, living in a foreign country far way from Rome with few opportunities to watch their heroes who defines all odds and supports the team in every way they can.

It is a story that proves that Lazio is a faith without boarders!


Massimo Aquaro 6/21/2011 3:11:37 PM
Hi guys Massimo here from Capricci Italian restaurant at Tanjong Pagar. Keep me posted for anything going on ok? I met the Italian Ambassador at his residency yesterday and we are eager to support our wonderful team together. Cheers Massimo 91707871
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