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  15/10/2011: De Angelis on the Derby
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In an interview with, Guido De Angelis, the renowned laziale commentator has given his thoughts on tomorrow's derby tie with AS Roma, beginning with the controversial decision that sees Tagliavento as referee:

"I am disturbed by the fact we have not won in four games where he [Tagliavento] has been the referee and we know how he officiated those games. I cannot emphasise this enough. We thought that his appointment would be unlikely considering his performance in the last derby. Lazio are now disturbed by this."

"I do not want to get into details, but when you consider that Ledesma, one of the best players in Italy has been sent off in the derby twice by Tagliavento, then you know he is incapable of running a derby. If it is publicly made known that the policy is to be careful with these things, then his appointment can be seen only as a provocation. We hope he is fair in this situation, but I believe otherwise."

"Everything [Reja's future] depends on how defeat might arise. Sure, Reja is posied for the game but ther players have to take to the field. They will give their all to win. I just hope that Tagliavento doesn't influence the game since we have only lost recently through free-kicks and penalties."

"Both have been silly [Totti and Rocchi's pre-derby comments]. That Totti is useless, if he had gone to school he would have learned that the eagle is the true symbol of Rome and that it is, above all, his symbol. Perhaps he actually thinks the wolf is the symbol of the city but by offending the eagle, he offends his city. With regards to Reja, he should respect his elders. Totti is a bad example, both on and off the field."

"I am worried about how we manage the derby, as the players often surround the referee. They can do this because they are immune to the fact that Roma are in the "palace" and receive everything and more. Just think how Ledesma complained and was at first warned and then sent off. Totti and De Rossi complained also but nothing. I am worried because that was the case with Ranieri and Tagliavento and the teams, technically, are on the same level."

"I think Klose will play a part. He is a key player and obviously very important. He is world-class and would e a huge loss. I hope he can decide these games."

"My best memory was Paolo Di Canio [that goal on January 6th 2005]. Although he was insulted and mistreated by their fans, he returned 15 years later to score under the Curva Sud. When Di Canio was on the field, everything was changed, he had the personality to make them ant Totti suffer."

"As a fan, the derbies with Giorgio Chinaglia stand out. He was not only a great player but a champion and an idol of the fans. He drew a crowd, he got the boys there. He only knew how to win derbies."

(Cathal Mullan)
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