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  02/11/2011: Reja: "Champions League would be a dream"
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The day before Lazio's must-win game against Zurich the coach Edy Reja spoke to the press at Formello. Reja pointed out that there is no room for mistakes anymore, and that this is a must-win game for the team: "We have no alternatives. This one we have to win. We have worked hard to get this far. We will do our best, despite having several players absent. Those who will enter the field will give 100% and do everything to win. In the games played so far, we have deserved something more. Perhaps luck has not been on our side. In Lisboa we didn't get any points despite creating chances. In Zurich we also had a great game. I hope tomorrow we will be more cynical like against Cagliari, surely it can not always go this bad in europe."

Reja has already pointed out several times this season that it has been hard for the to play in both Serie A and the Europa League, but now he admits the players are getting more used to a heavier schedule: "We are proving to have great physical condition. Playing every third day can give some physical problems but we have now managed both physically and mentally. Now, in the two upcoming games against Zurich and Parma we have to win. We are in a position to succeed."

Reja has after two years established himself at the club. Now he is setting new goals and are aiming higher then before, setting his sights on the Champions League: "It would be a dream to play in the Champions League. For now the possibility is there, but societa has done well but need to improve further to succeed. There is a steady growth, our goal is to finish higher then last season."

The coach was asked by the press why the defence has looked weaker this season. Lorik Cana, sitting next to the coach in the press conference was naturally the first one they asked about: "Playing for a big club like Lazio is not easy because people will quickly jump on you if you do some mistakes, something I have always experienced. You must stay focused on your work. If he stays calm and continues to work hard his contributution will be crucial."

One player that seemed to have convinced Reja over the summer is Mobido Diakite. The frenchman looks to have established himself as Lazio's 3rd choice centreback now. So far this season he has already played several matches, stepping in for both Biava and Dias when they have been unavailable: "He is doing well, growing fast and working hard in training. He can still improve technically though. He needs to learn to pass the ball better and to stay more calm."

(Eivind Ytreland)
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