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  06/11/2011: Claudio Lotito - Post Match Comments
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Claudio Lotito admitted that Lazio found it difficult at Olimpico today but believes his side has the right mindset to achieve great things this season.

Speaking to Mediaset, Lotito said: "Today it was a difficult victory, but the team believed in it until the end. We struggled to win, but we managed to get the three points."

Lotito acknowledged that the team did not play at the highest level, but he stressed on other qualities that he saw today: "This team has character, we showed great determination, there was a great spirit of understanding between the players and we showed humility by not underestimating our opponent."

While the press stressed on the performance of Lazio today which showed fatigue, Lotito had the answer to today's performance and for the second time this season brought the issue of playing on Monday: "It is not easy to recover quickly having played on Thursday. We have only two days and you have to be ready physically and mentally. What would be a good idea is to play on Monday and we are going to propose this to the League." 

With January coming close, Lotito was asked about whether he is thinking of reinforcing the team and as usual, Lotito who is clever with words gave a non-conclusive answer: "We will not hold back when it comes to increasing the level of this team, and we shall do so in accordance with the coach. But we must not destablize the balance found in this team. We have set up a competitive squad that is able to play on all fronts, but when you have 5 injured, it does not make it easy."

Lotito was then asked about Klose: "Klose is a player whom we wanted at all costs, and I have to thank Tare who has a good relationship with him, it helped us a lot in the negotiations. Klose is important not only because he is a champion on the field, but he is also a champion off of it. He has risen the level of our team and a player of his caliber, experience, and mentality is very useful for us in Europe."

Finally Lotito seemed to enjoy being in the top spot which Lazio now share with Udinese since Juve's game has been postponed. Sky reporter has joked with Lotito that Lazio might have fear of altitude:  "We have no fear of altitude, I myself go a lot to the mountains" joked Lotito. "We do not suffer from vertigo, it is important that we are on top now, but we need to stay determined to give our best. By giving our all on the field, using our heart, our muscles, our head, and the determination of the squad. This Lazio will give satsifcation to its fans."

(Mahyar Yahfoufi)
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