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  15/11/2011: Diakité: "I still have to improve"
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Compared to previous seasons, coach Reja has given his trust to the young centreback Mobido Diakité alot more then before. Diakité talked to LazioStyleRadio about his new status at the club:

"I am playing much more now, and that is great. It has helped me alot to play next to Andre Dias. If I do something wrong I know that he is there. He guides me. I also have to thank Giuseppe Biava. When I have played with Dias, Biava has adviced me so much."

Diakité has played well this season, but he is aware that he is not a certain starter yet and still has to improve:

"I have played well, but I have only played this much because Biava have been injured and I can clearly say I am not a starter. Dias and Biava has earned that place. I always train hard, and put my heart in every game, as in life. I can only continue to work hard and be ready when the coach need me. I am lucky to have had a coach like Delio Rossi, who thought me that hard work would pay off and I have been trying to think with that mindset."

Diakite has already become a close friend Djibril Cissé who is also from France:

"Yes, he is a friend. He has done better then people say. He has had many assists and has helped out the team in many ways. These quiet periods with few goals happens to all attackers. The important thing is still that the team does well."

With every other centreback having fitness problems lately the french defender looks certain to start against Napoli this weekend:

"I think it will be a great game between two great teams. We will play against a large audience, but we will try to take all the three points back to Rome. We need to fight. Last year the referee did much wrong, but we also made some errors aswell. I do not fear anyone. I also try to do my duty and not think about anything special. Right now we are calm about the standings. We will try to reach the Champions League. We will take one game at a time and not think too much about the future. In this league you can loose against anyone. You can loose to Milan and Juventus, but also Novara and Lecce."

Last Mobido told the fans that the team need their support in Napoli:

"Try to come with as many as possible, because it will give us determination. For us this is important."

(Eivind Ytreland)
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