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  Match |Genoa vs Lazio (1-0)
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Genoa vs Lazio (1-0)
Match Date: 21-09-2014
City: Genoa
Stadium Luigi Ferraris
Referee Guida
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Match Preview

A game which started good and looked like Lazio can have a stroll in the park against such a historically tough opponent ended in the most horrible way you can imagine.

The first fifteen minutes of the game were great for Lazio and Genoa couldn’t go out of their own half. Candreva, Anderson, Djordjevic and Parolo were all in attack and trying to score the first goal of the game but all of them missed their chances. It was one of those days that no matter how good you play you just can’t finish off your attacks in the best possible way.

Genoa were making mistake after mistake. They couldn’t give two straight passes and their defense looked like Swiss cheese but Lazio’s striking force kept missing and missing scoring attempts. It was obvious that a goal should be scored until the end of the first half and Lazio should be the team leading but football is not a game based on logics.

The first half ended 0-0 with a ton of missed opportunities for Pioli’s boys. Before the end of the first half Biglia left the pitch injured and Ledesma came in. Before the start of the second half one more injured played had to be substituted – Konko came in for Basta. Maybe these two changes had to do something with Lazio’s second half performance…

It was like two different teams came out on the ground. Lazio wasn’t that aggressive, attacking type team that was on the verge of scoring a goal. The team looked like it will be happy a draw after all. Genoa on the other hand started the half with a bit more energy and faith in their own abilities that they can win this game if they can reach Berisha’s goal. Lazio’s bad day continued when Pioli had to make a third substitution because of Gentiletti’s injury.

Nothing was the same in the second half. Lazio barely could reach Perin’s goal and there was one good shot from Candreva and nothing else. Genoa on the other hand made some good attacks and were searching for the goal. They made some good substitutions and one of the players that came in made Lazio’s day a pure nightmare. Five minutes before the end of the game De Vrij got a second yellow card and was sent off and a minute later Gasperini’s substitute striker Pinilla scored a goal after a good cross from Perotti.

This nightmare looked like it will never end because after the game rumours started showing up in the media that Gentiletti might be out for 6 months while Biglia could miss at least 2,3 months. Basta’s situation could also be problematic and he could be out for a long time. Nothing official so far but Lazio’s day that started in such a good way ended up in a 4th category tropical typhoon. 

Writer: Martin Meranzov
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Genoa VS Lazio
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