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  Match |Lazio vs Juventus (0-3)
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Lazio vs Juventus (0-3)
Match Date: 22-11-2014
City: Rome
Stadium Olimpico
Referee Damato
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Match Preview
If Empoli was not a sober enough affair for Lazio fans, then Juventus' 3-0 victory at the Stadio Olimpico last night certainly poured cold water over our faces. 

Getting a result against Juventus is a task one club dreads almost every weekend, and it was a task Lazio just were not up to last night. It was a fairly even affair at 0-0, but Juventus ensured Lazio were victims of their own system. There was an air of desperation about our attempts to undo Juventus at the back, and too much caution was thrown to the wind. 

With the likes of Paul Pogba and Carlos Tevez in opposition ranks, such a high-risk strategy rarely pays off and Lazio were put to the sword. Each of the three goals were messy and that gulf in quality that I spoke about in the preview was made all too obvious. The scoreline may have been flattering for Juventus in the end, but had Juventus fully committed to the game, the scoreline could have been embarrassing.

It was reminiscent of the Milan game, and it makes you wonder if Pioli needs to adapt his philosophy for tough opposition. It is difficult to draw conclusions about your own team when you were quite inferior to the opposition, and to be honest, sitting back and trying to fend off Juventus has hardly been a successful tactic for us in recent years. That said, we made life too easy for Juventus last night with our style of play, and a fortnight ago, a quite inferior team also made light work of us.

There was a great atmosphere last night and I am sure many in attendance have attended enough games against Juventus to know this is a familiar story. However, these performances are the ones that become magnified and there is plenty of pressure on both Pioli and his players now. 

If the league table has flattered Lazio in recent weeks, it won't be flattering anyone by the end of the today. Chievo next weekend takes on additional importance now, not because of the result last night, but because of our display and the scoreline.

It is times like these where a good team shows their credentials. The battle for European qualification was neither won or last last night as Juventus will dispatch most teams in this division with relative ease. Away games in Verona? They are important.

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Lazio VS Juventus
0 Score 3
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