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Lazio Best Season 19/04/2011
1994-1995 is one of the best SS Lazio season since its scudetto back in 1974. Its team filled with well-established internationally respected players and secured 2nd place in Serie A, following five consecutive wins right at the end of the season. Those were the golden days in Lazio era....
Highest Transfer Fees 16/04/2011
In professional association football, a transfer is the action taken whenever a player under contract moves between professional clubs. When a player moves from one club to another, his old contract is terminated and he negotiates a new one with the club he is moving to. Some interesting facts, 3 out of the 15 biggest football transfer fees are related with SS Lazio, but that was during Sergio Cragnotti era...
Auronzo Di Cadore 2011 15/04/2011
Lazio's summer training camp for the 4th consecutive year in Auronzo.
El Cholo 13/04/2011
Diego Pablo Simeone born on 28 April 1970 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a defensive midfielder, he has been the most capped player ever for Argentina National Team by that time. When he was 14, his youth coach Victorio Spinetto nicknamed him El Cholo as his energetic play reminded him of former Boca Juniors player and Argentine international Carmelo Simeone who had that nickname. With Lazio Simeone has played 90 games and scored 15 goals.
On this Day: 11 April 11/04/2011
Lazio Historical Events on 11 April. Lazio could be doubly satisfied with this victory today. Not only did they reacquire a bit of pride after 3 consecutive league losses, but they triumphed over their arch-rivals, increasing positive “home” trend in the Derby della Capitale to 3 (after the 3-0 and 3-2 victories in 2007 and 2008) and effectively nullifying Giallorossi’s Champions League hopes for the next season.
The Big Bear 09/04/2011
A brief biography of Angelo Peruzzi- Lazio goalkeeper 2000-2007. Angelo Peruzzi, born on 16 February 1970 in Blera, Viterbo, a city about an hour north of Rome. Nicknamed Orsone, or “The Big Bear” for his large frame body. Peruzzi played in the AS Roma youth team; in the Roma youth team he used to constantly have candy, salami, and sandwiches hidden in his drawers, and even being a ball boy at the European Cup final between AS Roma and Liverpool.
Top Assists Players 08/04/2011
Serie A Top Assists Players season 2010/11. An assist is a contribution by a player which helps to score a goal. Most commonly, an assist is credited to a player for passing or crossing the ball to the scorer. It may also be awarded to a player whose shot rebounds (off a defender, goalkeeper or goalpost) to a teammate who scores; or to a player who wins a penalty kick for another player to convert. An attacking player may be awarded an assist for contributing to an own goal. Players cannot be awarded an assist for a goal they themselves score.
Player Discipline 07/04/2011
Statistics of Serie A players discipline this season
Average Attendances – 2010/11 04/04/2011
Average Italian Serie A Team Attendances until week 31 season 2010/11
On 3rd April 03/04/2011
Lazio Historical Events on 3rd April.
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A Love Letter From Singapore: "Mia Cara Lazio, Where Are You?"
Nigel Gan conveys his thoughts in an open letter to Lazio.
Report: Lazio 1-1 Palermo
Lazio continues to struggle as Davide Ballardini leaves the Stadio Olimpico with a precious point.
Preview: Lazio - Palermo
Davide Ballardini returns to the Palermo bench and the Studio Olimpico to face Stefano Pioli's Lazio.
Pioli to be given time until the New Year?
Several reports in Italy are claiming that Pioli's job is under threat following the inconsistent start to the season.
Preview: Roma - Lazio
A Derby della Capitale with much at stake as Roma seek to put their Scudetto credentials to the test while Lazio aim to re-establish themselves as contenders.