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Based on the island of Sardinia, Cagliari was founded in 1920 when some students of the city was challenged by some Genovese sailors, who arrived to the island on a steam ship. 
The first official tournament the team partecipated in was in a small league called Divisione Meridionale. The first season the team was only made of Sardinians but when Cagliari lost the final in the Divisione Meridionale in 1929/1930 the team started to look at the Italian Peninsula for reinforcement. The year after they made progress to Serie B after the new league structure by the guidance of Hungarian trainer Ernst 'Egri' Ernstein. 
While the team was on its way up it was fighting with financial problems and in 1935 the team had to be refounded (CAXI: is this a a word I just made up?) the same year with the consequence that the team had to start all over again in the last divison: Seconda Divisione.
Hereafter the team advanced to Serie C in 1937 and from then on fighted between Serie C and Serie B. They finally reached Serie A in 1964 for the first time in their history. Cagliari was lead by Luigi Riva, the all-time topscorer for the Italian National Team, and the biggest legend in Cagliari playing there from 1963-1976. He gave the team its first succes in Serie A being the topscorer in 1966/67 season. This achievement he did again in two other seasons. Cagliari had their so far best season in 1968/69 when they became runners-up in Serie A, and the year after they won their, so far only, Serie A title. This was the first time a Southern Italian team achieved this. 
After their Scudetto season the team started to decline again, especially because Luigi Riva had some serious injuries, and fell back to Serie B already in 1976. Cagliari elevated between Serie A and B the seasons to come but their biggest blow came in 1986 when they were involved in the match fixing scandal 'Totnero'. Cagliari was punished with -5 points in Serie B and thus didn't survive and got relegated to Serie C1. 
The team didn't give up and already in the season of 1990/1991 they were back in Serie A. During this seasin the team changed ownership to Massimo Cellino, who is still president today. The team was developing good results and in 1993/94 season the team achieved it's so far best record in Europe, reaching the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup. 
Once again the team couldn't keep consistency and relegated to Serie B in 1997. The team came back to Serie A in 2004, thanks to trainer Edoardo Reja, where they have been since. The latest seasons it has been common to see Cagliari changing coaches often: since 2004 the team has changed coaches 14 times by 10 different coaches.
Despite that the team has consolidated itself in the middle of Serie A and are now trying to build a team up to fight for European spots.

Average attendance: 157 media
  Cagliari Standings
Team Name Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
  Cagliari Matches
Team 1 Team 2 Results Location Match Date
CagliariUdinese4:3Sant'Elia31-05-2015 18:00 CET
CesenaCagliari0:1Carlo Castellani24-05-2015 15:00 CET
CagliariPalermo0:1Sant'Elia17-05-2015 15:00 CET
JuventusCagliari1:1Juventus Stadium09-05-2015 18:00 CET
CagliariParma4:0Sant'Elia04-05-2015 20:45 CET
ChievoCagliari1:0Marc'Antonio Bentegodi29-04-2015 20:45 CET
FiorentinaCagliari1:3Artemio Franchi26-04-2015 18:00 CET
CagliariNapoli0:3Sant'Elia19-04-2015 18:00 CET
GenoaCagliari2:0Luigi Ferraris11-04-2015 18:00 CET
CagliariLazio1:3Sant'Elia04-04-2015 15:00 CET
AC MilanCagliari3:1Giuseppe Meazza21-03-2015 20:45 CET
CagliariEmpoli1:1Sant'Elia14-03-2015 20:45 CET
SampdoriaCagliari2:0Luigi Ferraris07-03-2015 18:00 CET
CagliariVerona1:2Sant'Elia01-03-2015 12:30 CET
CagliariInternazionale1:2Sant'Elia23-02-2015 21:00 CET
TorinoCagliari1:1Olimpico Torino15-02-2015 15:00 CET
CagliariAS Roma1:2Sant'Elia08-02-2015 15:00 CET
AtalantaCagliari2:1Atleti Azzurri d'Italia01-02-2015 15:00 CET
CagliariSassuolo2:1Sant'Elia24-01-2015 18:00 CET
UdineseCagliari2:2Friuli18-01-2015 15:00 CET
CagliariCesena2:1Sant'Elia11-01-2015 15:00 CET
PalermoCagliari5:0Renzo Barbera06-01-2015 15:00 CET
CagliariJuventus1:3Sant'Elia18-12-2014 19:00 CET
ParmaCagliari0:0Ennio Tardini14-12-2014 15:00 CET
CagliariChievo0:2Sant'Elia08-12-2014 19:00 CET
CagliariFiorentina0:4Sant'Elia30-11-2014 15:00 CET
NapoliCagliari3:3San Paolo23-11-2014 15:00 CET
CagliariGenoa1:1Sant'Elia09-11-2014 12:30 CET
LazioCagliari4:2Olimpico03-11-2014 21:00 CET
CagliariAC Milan1:1Sant'Elia29-10-2014 20:45 CET
EmpoliCagliari0:4Carlo Castellani25-10-2014 15:00 CET
CagliariSampdoria2:2Sant'Elia19-10-2014 15:00 CET
VeronaCagliari1:0Marc'Antonio Bentegodi04-10-2014 18:00 CET
InternazionaleCagliari1:4Giuseppe Meazza28-09-2014 15:00 CET
CagliariTorino1:2Sant'Elia24-09-2014 20:45 CET
AS RomaCagliari2:0Olimpico21-09-2014 15:00 CET
CagliariAtalanta1:2Sant'Elia14-09-2014 15:00 CET
SassuoloCagliari1:1Città del Tricolore31-08-2014 20:45 CET
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I'm schoked that I found this info so easily. 7/25/2011 8:54:22 AM
I'm schoked that I found this info so easily.
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