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  Palermo Profile
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US Città di Palermo dates back to 1900, although the structure of the team now is from 1987. The team has been refounded twice before that: in 1927 and 1940. One thing about Palermo's history is that the foundation of the team has changed many times. As many other Italian teams Palermo was founded by foreigners who wanted to play football in their city. In Palermo's case it was Ignazio Majo Pagano who studied in London who brought the sport with him to the Sicilian city. The team was first founded as Anglo Panormitan Athletic and Football Club but was changed in 1907 to Palermo Foot-Ball Club. 
During the World War I the city lost it's interest in the team and was almost completely dissolved. However some young students in the city didn't want this to happen and in 1919 the club came back and changed it's name to Unione Sportiva Palermo. In 1927 the club was forced to merge with Vigor Palermo in order to survive because of financial problems and the name was now changed back to Palermo FootBall Club and the new team was admitted in to Prima Divisione (equivalent to Serie C1).
The team quickly came back to Serie A but hereafter the team elevated frequently between Serie A - and B untill the team once again was forced into a merger and a new relegation to Serie C1 in 1940. This time the team was named Unione Sportiva Palermo-Juventina after a merger with Unione Sportiva Juventina Palermo. The returned to Serie B already in 1943 and Serie A in 1948. After this the team continued it's yo-yo tendencies between Serie A and B (and changing names to first Società Sportiva Palermo in 1967 and Società Sportiva Calcio Palermo in 1977), first reaching their biggest achievement in 1974 where they lost the Coppa Italia final to Bologna. This ended the same way in the Coppa Italia final in 1979, only this time Palermo lost to Juventus. 
After the season 1985/86 however the team suffered it's hardest blow so far as the team had to dissolve completely for a year because of financial problems. The team refounded in 1987 though with their current name, US Città di Palermo, and started all over in Serie C2 which they won immediately and promoted to Serie B in 1991 but only for a year. In 1997 however they fell back to Serie C1 again. It went fast after this and the team returned to Serie A in 2004/05 after the team was bought by Maurizio Zamparini in 2002, who has contributed alot to the teams renaisance by some major signings as Luca Toni, Simone Pepe, the Filipini twins and Fabio Grosso. 
In 2005 the team had it's first time ever in a European tournament partecipating in the UEFA Cup and has been in Europe three times since, though not in the Champions League yet. 

Average attendance: 428 media
  Palermo Standings
Team Name Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
10AC Milan381313125650652
  Palermo Matches
Team 1 Team 2 Results Location Match Date
AS RomaPalermo1:2Olimpico31-05-2015 20:45 CET
PalermoFiorentina2:3Renzo Barbera24-05-2015 15:00 CET
CagliariPalermo0:1Sant'Elia17-05-2015 15:00 CET
PalermoAtalanta2:3Renzo Barbera10-05-2015 15:00 CET
SassuoloPalermo0:0Città del Tricolore02-05-2015 20:45 CET
PalermoTorino2:2Renzo Barbera29-04-2015 20:45 CET
ParmaPalermo1:0Ennio Tardini26-04-2015 15:00 CET
PalermoGenoa2:1Renzo Barbera19-04-2015 15:00 CET
UdinesePalermo1:3Friuli12-04-2015 15:00 CET
PalermoAC Milan1:2Renzo Barbera04-04-2015 15:00 CET
ChievoPalermo1:0Marc'Antonio Bentegodi21-03-2015 18:00 CET
PalermoJuventus0:1Renzo Barbera14-03-2015 18:00 CET
CesenaPalermo0:0Dino Manuzzi08-03-2015 12:30 CET
PalermoEmpoli0:0Renzo Barbera01-03-2015 15:00 CET
LazioPalermo2:1Olimpico22-02-2015 15:00 CET
PalermoNapoli3:1Renzo Barbera14-02-2015 20:45 CET
InternazionalePalermo3:0Giuseppe Meazza08-02-2015 20:45 CET
PalermoVerona2:1Renzo Barbera01-02-2015 15:00 CET
SampdoriaPalermo1:1Luigi Ferraris25-01-2015 15:00 CET
PalermoAS Roma1:1Renzo Barbera17-01-2015 20:45 CET
FiorentinaPalermo4:3Artemio Franchi11-01-2015 15:00 CET
PalermoCagliari5:0Renzo Barbera06-01-2015 15:00 CET
AtalantaPalermo3:3Atleti Azzurri d'Italia21-12-2014 15:00 CET
PalermoSassuolo2:1Renzo Barbera13-12-2014 18:00 CET
TorinoPalermo2:2Olimpico Torino06-12-2014 20:45 CET
PalermoParma2:1Renzo Barbera30-11-2014 15:00 CET
GenoaPalermo1:1Luigi Ferraris24-11-2014 20:45 CET
PalermoUdinese1:1Renzo Barbera09-11-2014 15:00 CET
AC MilanPalermo0:2Giuseppe Meazza02-11-2014 20:45 CET
PalermoChievo1:0Renzo Barbera29-10-2014 20:45 CET
JuventusPalermo2:0Juventus Stadium26-10-2014 15:00 CET
PalermoCesena2:1Renzo Barbera19-10-2014 15:00 CET
EmpoliPalermo3:0Carlo Castellani05-10-2014 12:30 CET
PalermoLazio0:4Renzo Barbera29-09-2014 21:00 CET
NapoliPalermo3:3San Paolo24-09-2014 20:45 CET
PalermoInternazionale1:1Renzo Barbera21-09-2014 20:45 CET
VeronaPalermo2:1Marc'Antonio Bentegodi14-09-2014 15:00 CET
PalermoSampdoria1:1Renzo Barbera31-08-2014 20:45 CET
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